10 Things you Need to know about Accident Claims


paramedicWhen you need to make a personal injury claim because you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, there is a good chance that it will be the first time you have had to do this.  Here are 10 facts about claims to assist you.

1)     The accident must not have been your fault

2)     You should have sustained injuries in the accident and they should have been severe enough to need medical attention

3)     The accident should have happened within the last three years, except in the case of a child or an industrial illness where the rule alters slightly

4)     The sooner claims are made, the more successful they appear to be.  Make your claim as soon as you can after the accident.

5)     You do not need any money to start a personal injury claim.  Most claims are financed by the no win no fee agreement, which means you still do not need any money if your claim is lost.

6)     No one can say how long a claim will take.  Some are concluded in a few weeks, but others can take many months.  You will see newspaper reports where cases have taken years, but these are rare exceptions and there is usually some underlying cause for the delays.

7)     The amount of compensation you receive can vary greatly. Two people with similar injuries can be awarded totally different amounts because their other circumstances are so very unalike. If you go to the website at http://www.ukclaimlawyers.co.uk/ there is a compensation calculator that will estimate your compensation.  This will only be an estimate though and you must remember that the figure can go up or down.

claims8)     Making a claim can be simple, quick and efficient if you are properly prepared and use the right lawyers to make your claim.

9)     Receiving your compensation can give you financial stability after the accident and injuries took it away.

10)Making a personal injury claim can highlight a problem that was not obvious, and prevent the same fate as yours happening to another victim.

Now you know a few facts about personal injury claims, you can perhaps decide if you want to pursue the compensation that UK law says you are entitled to. You now just need to approach the right claim management company to give you the help and support you will need.

The right company

UK Claim Lawyers are the right company to help with your personal injury claim.  They have been making claims for over 10 years and have handled all types of accident claims involving numerous different types of injuries.

Their specialist lawyers have the experience and expertise to give your claim its best chance of success, and your case will be assigned to one of them once an expert claims advisor has assessed the details of your accident and injury. Apart from a few phone calls, most claimants can then sit back and concentrate on their recovery.