3 unhealthy Foods which are Actually Healthy

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According to health surveys, it is been found that most people who wish to have a healthy life do not consume the food that is truly healthy. For any reason, if you are unable to recognise the food that is good for your health, then here is food that needs to be avoided.This thing happens due to wrong assumptions. As per human tendency, we generally avoid the food that is avoided by majority of people. Likewise, here are 3 unhealthy foods that are actually good for you:-

fooSmoothies: If you think that juices packs that are sold are fresh and don’t contain any preservatives, then you are miss guided. These actually might be extracted from tons of fruits, but mixed with lots of sugar and other ingredients that affect your body very much. Instead, go for Smoothies that would complete your meal. Do you know that around 20 ounce of the any fruit storm premium fruit Smoothies from any national brand contains more calories? If you really want to get rid of taking bad stuff, prepare a smoothie with a garden-fresh fruit, mix it with plain yogurt at your home itself.

Chilled Tea: According to the health care news, it is said that intake of chilled tea would definitely keep you away from the heat of the summer. But if you buy from the shop would have a mix of corn syrup, which is very harmful and unhealthy. Don’t get attracted by the versions you get outside. For example, if you buy a bottle of iced tea, when calculated, you find around 15 grams of sugar in every 2 ounces that you take. For a change, prepare the same recipe at your home. Exact juice of one whole lemon and mix it in 2 cups of distilled green tea, freezing and later mix 250 ml of soda, garnish by some fresh mint leaves in that to get your mind as well as to refresh.

Salad: Even you heard it previously, it very important to repeat it twice, as it could be one of the unhealthy food which is a truly healthy that is ignored by most people. If you feel that topping and garnishing with fatty things would serve your purpose, then you are absolutely wrong. Eating salad has its own benefit, as it helps your digestive system to work properly and even throw out the fat from your body. You can even order a salad burger; you do have a healthy fat along with lots of fibers which is essential for your body.

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