5 Reasons Disposable Contacts Are Better Than Conventional Contacts


lensDisposable contacts were invented in 1987 and have become the most popular type of contact worn today. DDCL’s (Daily Disposable Contact Lenses) are easy and affordable to buy and covered by many insurance companies. Here are 5 reasons disposable contacts are better than conventional contact lenses.

1. Comfort

Surveys have shown that 25-50% of contact wearers gave up their conventional contacts due to discomfort. Since daily disposables are new every day, they do not accumulate a build-up of residue and blemishes that irritate the eye. They are also more permeable, meaning they allow more air and moisture to flow through them. This allows the cornea to “breathe” and helps prevent dry eye.

2. Lower Maintenance

Unlike disposable lenses, conventional contacts require storage cases or special cleaning containers. They need to be regularly sterilized with costly solutions. With disposables, you do not run the risk of eye infection or damage from improperly cleaned lenses. This is especially useful for children and teens that tend to be less meticulous, or for active adults who just don’t have the time.


3. Convenience

If your lens is lost or damaged, disposable lenses are easier and cheaper to replace. And you don’t have to remember a replacement schedule. With DDCL’s, you don’t have to lug all the storage and cleaning supplies around with you when you travel, or worry about getting your solutions through the security checkpoint. Disposables are also a great choice for the occasional contact wearer, since they will always have a clean, new pair ready when they don’t want to wear their glasses.

4. Allergy Prevention

Standard contacts have always been a problem for those prone to eye allergies. Allergens such as dust, pollens, and pet dander can build up on lenses and cause eye irritation and conjunctivitis. Some people are allergic to the cleaning solutions made for contact lenses. Even non-allergic people can develop a hypersensitivity to contact solutions over time. These problems are eliminated by using DDCL’s. 


5. Lower Risk of Infection

Even with regular cleaning, harmful pathogens can accumulate on conventional lenses and cause infections of the eye or cornea that can result in serious vision loss and even blindness. The most common form of contact lens-related eye infection is keratitis, which can result in corneal scarring and impaired vision. For people who work in places where the risk of infection is greater, like hospitals or day care centers, disposable contact lenses can be a safer choice for their eyes.

Overall, daily disposable contacts have many advantages over conventional lenses. They are great for contact wearers of all ages and can be used for all eye conditions, including astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. Lenses also are available in a variety of colors that can change your eye color. Some can even block the sun’s harmful rays, such as Acuvue Dailies by Johnson & Johnson. Shopping online for the best deals on DDCL’s can save you time and money.