5 Tips for Removing Difficult Teeth Stains

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teeth (3)Teeth staining is a common problem that affects many people. Most of the time, stains occur from the food we eat – or a combination of the foods we eat. For instance, if we like to eat acidic or sugary foods, it can wear down your enamel and it can cause other foods, like coffee, to cause stains. If you have tried to remove a stain, you have probably noticed that stains are incredibly hard to remove. Some incredibly difficult teeth stains may seem impossible to remove – no matter how hard you try. However, there are a few ways that you can make stains less noticeable. Here are five tips for removing difficult teeth stains.

  1. Use specialty tooth-whitening toothpaste after you eat or drink anything. These tooth-whitening pastes are specially formulated to fight stains. It is important, however, to use this particular toothpaste right after you eat or drink, so that you can lessen the affect of the food’s staining power. When you brush, make sure to get into the hard to reach spots, because even though you can’t see a stain, it doesn’t mean it isn’t causing damage to your teeth.
  2. Use at home tooth-whitening kits. Another method to remove stains is to use a tooth-whitening kit. You can pick up a kit like this from any major supermarket or drugstore. In most cases, you will be given different solutions – with varying degrees of potency, so that you can whiten your teeth in stages. These kits will come with a tooth guard that you can fill up with the teeth-whitening solutions – you are usually recommended to wear the guard for a certain amount of time. Other kits may give you a simple strip that you place directly on your teeth.
  3. Use chewing gum that has stain-fighting powers. Another way to get rid of stains is to use chewing gum with a tooth-whitening solution. Many doctors recommend these types of gum brands for people that are on the go. If you have a particularly tooth-staining meal, you can simply pop in a stick of this gum to help prevent the stains from becoming permanent. Make sure, though, that you find gum that has a limited amount of sugar, because the sugar can cause the stains to get worse.
  4. dental-Use the professional tooth whitening services of a dental firm. Many dental clinics, like the Kensington Dental Practice, have professional machines that remove stains from your teeth. These machines usually employ the power of lasers to get deep inside the enamel – they literally zap the stain lose and then the dentist will use tooth cleaning tools to remove the stain entirely.
  5. Use a smoking cessation program to quit tobacco consumption. Consuming tobacco products can cause numerous stains and they can literally wipe away enamel. This is why it is so important to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. There are many kits on the market that will help wean you off smoking, so that you can get back to a healthy oral care schedule. After you quit, you will notice that your teeth are remarkably whiter.