7 Daily Habits That will Make you Healthier


healthierRituals are important if you are looking to maintain a daily routine that is harmonious and one that will create positivism and resilience in successfully navigating your life. In this article, we will have a look at some seven rituals that you can easily incorporate into your life to create balance and enhance your health. You will find them to be practical and very simple requiring very little additional time or skill.

Make a positive affirmation/declaration about yourself to begin your day

Your view towards yourself in the morning is what sets the stage for your day. In the morning, you could say positive things to yourself such as;

My life is great and I have lots of opportunities to be happy and succeed’, I am very proud and happy with my body and I have to treat it with kindness and love’, or

I am deserving and capable and ready to create a wonderful life not only for myself but also for the ones I love’. If you find it difficult to declare positive statement to yourself, you could write down some affirmations that target the areas that you seem to struggle with.

Slowly apply lotion on your body

Contrary to the beliefs of many, it is very important that you take time to touch your body in the morning (especially if you are not comfortable with it). Take your time while in the shower and more time rubbing lotion all over your body with slow movements, firm pressure and a loving manner. However, this is not the time to judge your body but to feel your skin.

Listen to soothing music.

If you live in crowded areas, you must know how irritating it can get. Listening to calming music while you take the subway, walk on the sidewalk or get traffic, will have a wonderful effect on your rage while on the road.

Instead of coffee, take tea

Many people love taking strong coffee. However, coffee affects your sleep and can add to your anxiety and stress which leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Try substituting the coffee with tea and you will fall in love with the soothing and calming effect that it will have on you.

Take time and chew you food

Most people have developed the habit of swallowing food seconds after they put it in their mouths. Taking time to chew you food properly is vital to the whole digestive process as the saliva contains enzymes meant to digest the food. In addition, chewing food properly ensures that your digestion takes place without uncomfortable feelings such as bloating.

Take the stairs

Using the stairs to get to the 5th floor or lower daily, can give you sufficient time to think of the things that you are grateful for as well as focus on other aspects in your life. In addition, taking the stairs daily can serve as your daily dose of exercise especially if you rarely have the time to visit the gym.

Stretch your body gently in the course of the day.

These do not have to be full stretching routines. You could do just simple stretches daily and they will help in reducing back pains, stiff necks as well as tight shoulders. The simple exercises will also enhance the flow of blood in your body, refresh your mind and loosen the tight muscles.


Ehic cards are another option that people are exploring in a bid to ensure that they lead healthy successful lives that are comfortable. If you find it difficult to incorporate the above into your routine (highly unlikely), you could get yourself one of this card.

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