Advancements In Dentistry: Papain Use


dental1Papain is a natural protein enzyme found in the papaya fruit and is increasingly used in medicine and dentistry due to its cleaving or dissociating properties from other substances. Molecules that hold cells together may be broken down using papain.

Medically, papain is used to treat stings and bites as it naturally weakens and destroys poisonous protein toxins that cause inflammation and pain. Wounds are cleaned with papain-containing solutions that debride dead tissue. In dentistry, toothpaste may contain papain to clean plaque from teeth and to remove teeth stains. In toothpaste, papain is used in small quantities, not enough to whiten teeth substantially like with power teeth whitening.

Papain Gel Trial

In gel form, papain is currently being trialled for removal of dental caries, similar to wound cleaning in medicine. Dental caries or tooth decay is in effect rotting teeth. Infection-causing bacteria colonise in the mouth and infects gum tissue causing inflammation. Outer tooth dental enamel then erodes forming cavities that weaken tooth structure.

Dental caries results in tooth fractures and breaks. The tooth root canals may become infected and if not treated with root canal treatment may lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Dental caries is prevented through proper oral hygiene practice, healthy nutrition and regular dental check-ups.

While fissure sealant is used to seal tooth grooves and prevent against tooth decay, other treatment such as use of papain are being pioneered as an alternate treatment for dental caries.

Papain is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of caries because it breaks down the decay, removing infected tissue while preserving the inner dentin layers of the tooth for restoration.  Papacarie is being tested as a chemo-mechanical caries removal agent.

Individuals suffering with tooth decay and gum disease may benefit from papain treatment as an alternative in endodontic care. The uses of papain in dentistry are currently being explored for the advancement of patient care.

Use of Advanced Dental Techniques

Papain gel is a development in dental techniques, along with advancements such as: screening for oral cancer and gum disease; stronger porcelain ceramics tooth restorations; modern invisible braces systems; technologies such as CAD/CAM, 3D digital imaging, low-radiation x-rays; safer teeth whitening; All on 4 dental implants; and dental phobia treatments. An great example of a clinic using these advanced techniques is Sensu, a popular London dental clinic.

When seeking to advance dentistry treatments, professionals assess use of materials, equipment and procedures. A protein enzyme such as papain may be useful in other future dentistry treatments or procedures.

Technologies such as CAD/CAM and LED light have revolutionized dentistry. The finest of porcelain ceramic tooth restorations are possible that mimic natural healthy white teeth. Teeth may be whitened far faster using LED light that activates whitening gel.

Conditions such as tooth decay or dental caries leads to tooth loss. In future, papain may be used to clean away all infected tissue before procedures such as dental implants are performed to replace missing tooth roots and anchor dental restoration such as crowns, bridges or dentures.

Individuals suffering from dental phobia often fear surgical procedures. Papain gel is an alternate non-invasive procedure for treating tooth decay that may benefit those who fear surgical dental procedures.

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