Are Gastric Bands Effective?


rondWhen one hears how the gastric band works, they often question the effectiveness of one. This is because the means of which it uses for weight loss seem too good to be true. However, they are absolutely true. But, they cannot be used for any individual that wants to lose a little extra weight. This particular weight loss surgery is reserved for those that have a BMI or body mass index over a certain number. This makes sure that no individual takes and unnecessary risk when going through this surgery. To say the least, yes, gastric bands are a very effective form of weight loss surgery.
On average, a gastric banded patient can lose about 500 grams to about a kilogram per week consistently. However, heavier patients can often lose much more in the beginning of the gastric band’s implementation. Thus, the use of this obesity surgery comes out to about 22 to 45 kilograms in only the first year of its use for over 90% of patients. However, it is important to remember that most larger patients will lose much more in the first year or so of using this means of weight loss.

Though, this is not to say that it is easy, as gastric band patients have to work hard to monitor their food intake during the first year of use to make sure the proper vitamins are being consumed in the correct quantities. But, apart from this, it is relatively simple to lose weight when using a gastric band. Though they do come with their risks, but they are also adjustable without any major surgery, allowing them to be altered at any point in time if some complication arises within the patient. These complications usually make themselves known within the first year or so.