Benefits of E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Cigarettes


smoking (1)In order for someone to choose one thing over the other, he must first clearly see the benefits it can provide him with. This is the same with using electronic cigarettes.

The target market of e-cigarette manufacturers are those who are already smoking. If you are one of these people, you may already be looking for a healthier smoking alternative however, you would certainly wish to understand its benefits.

These days, e-cigarettes (eVod, ego c, Lavatube, etc.) is one good alternative for smoking because of the various benefits that it can provide smokers with. Here are some of them:

Contains no odor

One negative thing you would say about cigarettes is their bad odor. When you smoke one, the odor will surely cling to you and to your clothes. Aside from this, a lot of people perceive cigarette odor as offensive. Because of this, many people would try to avoid contact with a smoker as much as they possibly can. Smokers would usually not notice such smells since they are already accustomed to it. However, their colleagues and acquaintances who are non-smokers will surely notice it.

When you make use of e-cigarettes, you will not have to worry about this odor. This is because you will be exhaling vapor, instead of smoke. Vapor evaporates almost right away so there would be no odor left behind.

smoking (2)A lot cheaper

These days, cigarettes have become quite expensive. Most smokers would smoke one to two packs of cigarettes for one day and their pockets and wallets would certainly take its toll of it. According to various studies, a smoker would spend about $300 worth of cigarettes monthly!

When you smoke e-cigarettes, this will not be a big problem for you. It is true that starter kit may cost a bit higher. However, the monthly cost will be a lot lower than that of traditional cigarettes. In fact, it will only be half the cost! Plus, e-cigarettes are not subject to tax unlike traditional cigarettes.

More safe

Smoking traditional cigarettes will require the use of open flame. Because of this, it may pose serious fire hazards. In various countries worldwide, smoking is one of the leading cause of fire-related death.

When smoking e-cigarettes, there is no need for you to burn an open flame. Because of this, its use is generally safer.

smoking-7A lot healthy

It is true that no one can provide an evidence that e-cigarettes have health benefits. However, we can say it is a lot healthier since we are all aware at the harmful effects that traditional cigarettes may provide. It has been proven that smoking traditional cigarettes is a big health hazard. Long-term smoking may increase the risk of developing cancer, stroke, heart attack, lung diseases and many more.

From this information, we can say that smoking e-cigarettes have a lots of benefits as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. Thanks to e-cigarettes, people can get to smoke without having to worry about various social and health impacts that traditional cigarettes have.