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Botox treatments

We all love to look younger every day, and there is perhaps nothing that we would not do if we were told that we could change that forever. However, the method of

Safety of breast enlargement surgery

There are many misconceptions that surround having your breasts redone or enlarged. One of the most devastating setbacks to the breast enlargement surgery was when a certain type of silicone breast implants

Hospital and Other Medical Sterile Services

Infections acquired in hospital and other medical establishments are obviously a big threat to vulnerable patients.  Sterile services technicians are available to make sure those medical devices such as surgical instruments and

Advances In Sterile Services

With advancements during the last century and particularly the past twenty years sterile services in the laboratory have come a long way.  Laboratory glass washers, surgical instrument washers and other sterilization equipment

Advanced training in Botox and dermal fillers

Basic courses Foundation and basic Botox training courses provide what is a basic introduction to Botox and teach practitioners to use Botox for the most common procedure, which is smoothing out fine

Foundation Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

Medical professionals start their Botox training with the foundation training in Botox and dermal fillers. These two cosmetic procedures are taught collaboratively at foundation stage as it is important for professionals to

Give wrinkles, frown lines and the whole gang something to think about

If you want to slow the signs of premature ageing without resorting to risky and expensive cosmetic surgery, then dermal fillers could be the option you have been searching for. How do

Plastic Surgery and You

As has been discussed all throughout the various blogs, cosmetic surgery seems to be big business. Once a privilege of exclusively the rich and famous, more and more common women-and men are

Get Together

My birthday party last week was an outstanding success, filled with old friends with new issues, the perfect spur for gossip and hi-jinks. David turned up with new squeeze Jenny, who works

Tattoo Removal Options

Removing tattoos are becoming increasingly easier as modern day technology allows us to effectively remove tattoos by the use of laser tattoo removal and other alternative treatments that remove tattoos.  Laser tattoo