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5 Stubborn Nutrition Myths Debunked

It’s undeniable that huge leaps have been made in the field of health and nutrition over the past several decades. Modern schools of nutrition have introduced new diets and scientists have discovered

3 unhealthy Foods which are Actually Healthy

According to health surveys, it is been found that most people who wish to have a healthy life do not consume the food that is truly healthy. For any reason, if you

Nutritional Supplements that Can Change Your Life

Every person needs certain amount of nutrients in his daily diet. It is important to include nutritional supplements in your daily diet or separately using medicines. To be healthy you must protect

Healthy Eating and Public Health Initiatives

There seems to be an exorbitant amount of them everywhere. On the shelves in the freezer section of the local Supermarket, they can be bought in large quantities or in the shops

Why do most diets fail and what can be done to keep them going?

Anyone who has searched for a diet online will be aware of the millions of options and plans, all claiming to help you lose huge amounts of weight in a very short

7 Daily Habits That will Make you Healthier

Rituals are important if you are looking to maintain a daily routine that is harmonious and one that will create positivism and resilience in successfully navigating your life. In this article, we

Eating out the Exeter way

Eating is a single of the most pleasurable acts there is. Putting a morsel of finely cooked foods into your mouth can transport you to a form of heaven. We tend to

How addictive is fast food and what are the repercussions on one’s body?

Fast food is big business these days and many people visit fast food outlets on a regular basis. Fast food may be a cheap and convenient option, but it could be doing

HCG Diet Info, What is the HCG Diet?

We all want to achieve the perfect body, but sometimes doing that can be more complicated than people might think. There are various exercise routines out there, and diets that claim to