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Cosmetic Surgery: How To Pick The Right Surgeon?

It is a difficult process choosing your cosmetic surgery clinic. The media has been full of ‘scare’ stories in recent years and finding a clinic with a surgical team you can trust

Gynecomastia. Is Male Breast Surgery Necessary?

Gynecomastia is a condition that results from a lower level of testosterone in the male body when compared to the level of present estrogen. Initiators of such a condition include any sort


Surgery is a broad category of invasive medical treatment that involves the cutting of a body for specific reason. It extends from repairing a tear or breakage, removing a diseased organ, implanting

Getting Laser Eye Surgery – Do Your Research!

When I decided to opt for laser eye surgery three years ago, I knew I needed to research it well before choosing my clinic. There are hundreds of laser eye surgery clinics

What to Do if You’re a Victim of Surgical Error

We’ve all heard the horrific stories about clinical negligence; from wrong-site surgery to amputating the wrong limbs, operating on the wrong patients, failing to diagnose life-threatening conditions and administering the wrong medications,

What Treatment Should You Get if You Have Gallstones in Your Gallbladder?

Having Gallbladder stone is a serious issue and is a potential health hazard. Presence of stone in the gallbladder may lead to acute cholecystitis. This causes inflammation and sometimes infection. The presence

Things You Don’t Know about Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the many cosmetic procedures that have been developed nowadays and is offered in hospitals and clinics for women who are in need of this type of procedure. Labiaplasty

Health services you can access in the UK

Bariatric surgery, the technical name for weight loss surgery, is the last resort for many people when it comes to losing weight. Most doctors will not recommend procedures like gastric band surgery

How To Plan A Surgery In A Limited Budget

Now-a-days health care has become expensive. The most expensive surgeries are cosmetic, plastic, heart, weight loss procedures and major diseases. As these procedures are done with high technology and expensive equipment’s the

Break the mould with a Botox training course

Are you a detail driven perfectionist with an insatiable desire to achieve only the very best results in everything you set your mind to? Do you want to have Botox treatment or