Why Your Children Need Multivitamins


childrenIn the course of a day’s activities, your child may not have the time to enjoy a nutritious meal packed with all the vitamins needed to stay healthy and happy.  With so many families on the go to sporting events, dance recitals, and outdoor activities children may need to get additional vitamins and nutrients from supplements that help them keep a healthy balance in their growing bodies.  They need plenty of dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and protein-packed foods that develop strong bones and teeth.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits provided by multivitamins and when you need to consider this alternative to proper and well-balanced meals.

Criteria for Knowing When to Use Supplements 

As a parent, you may not realise when your child needs a good supplement to enhance the vitamins and nutrients that he’s getting from his regular diet.  If your child falls into one of the categories below, you should explore the options available to you for giving him a multivitamin to add to his regular intake of the required daily allowance.  Consider using multivitamins if:

  • Your child isn’t eating well-balanced meals on a regular basis
  • He is a picky eater who doesn’t like many of the foods that are good for him
  • Your child is on regular medication that might impact his appetite and the amount of food that he eats
  • Your child has digestive problems or chronic conditions such as asthma which can affect the amount and regularity with which your child eats
  • Your child is extremely active and plays demanding sports that require a lot of physical activity
  • Your child consumes a lot of sodas during the day


The Top Vitamins Your Child Needs 

The key to health and happiness is well-balanced meals that are nutritious and packed with the required vitamins that every child needs. You’ll want to make sure that he gets Vitamin A for good growth of his tissue and bones; it also helps his eyesight, immune system, and promotes healthy skin.  Vitamin B will keep his circulatory system operating properly and will work to keep his energy production levels normal.  Vitamin D makes healthy muscles, teeth, and bones and helps him to absorb calcium correctly.  Iron will help your child to build red blood cells and strong muscles which he needs for all of his physical activity.  As a growing child, the youngster in your home may not be eating the right foods often enough to promote good health which is why multivitamins can make up the difference and keep him healthy and happy no matter what his level of activity.


Good Health Promotes Success 

If your child is active, healthy, and happy he will most likely be more successful than children who are sick a great deal and lack the vitamins that they need to fight off illnesses.  Success comes from feeling good and having confidence in oneself and if your child is energetic, his positive attitude will help him attain success.  For additional information about the products available to help your child balance the vitamins that’s he’s getting with what he truly needs, visit the website www.alexsilver.co.uk.  You’ll find helpful information and reviews that keep you abreast of the latest news in a plethora of areas and topics.

Keeping your child healthy and happy will be a much easier task if you maintain the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients that he needs on a regular basis.