Clinical Trials for Depression – How They Can Help Us Learn More?

Sad businesswoman

Sad businesswomanThe recent tragic suicide of Robin Williams has had a major impact on the collective psyche and has sparked a dialogue about depression and how this disease works. It was a shock to many people that someone who was such an energetic and hilarious comedian could be hiding such pain and sorrow behind his smile. This high profile celebrity death has brought to light a lot of the myths about depression, such as “he was rich and famous, how could be depressed?” and “what a selfish thing to do to your family.”

Depression is a serious mental health issue and it is no joke. It doesn’t matter if you are homeless or the richest man in the world – when this condition takes hold of your brain you will struggle to find meaning or happiness in any aspect of your life. You feel numb and disconnected with no hope for the future. Suicide is seen as selfish, but in the mind of a suicidal person they are performing a selfless act – they truly believe that their fami6ly members and friends would be better off without them.

People who are depressed will often feel worried, sad, empty, guilty, worthless, helpless and anxious and they will lose all interest in activities that once brought them happiness. They might suffer insomnia or excessive sleeping and they might have loss of appetite or overeating, as well as having problems concentrating, difficulty remembering details, making decisions and having aches, pains and very low energy. Sometimes depression is a normal reaction to a life event, such as a bereavement or the end of a relationship. However, a prolonged depression with other symptoms may be diagnosed as a medical or psychiatric condition that needs to be treated.

Teenager/ CounsellorDoctors and scientists are still trying to understand depression and how it works. We currently have treatments that are used for this condition, such as anti-depressants, counselling and behavioural therapy. However, the way we treat depression could always be improved and there is a lot of research currently taking place to find out more about the disease.

Clinical Trials Help Researchers Learn More About Depression

Clinical trials are very important for developing new treatments for diseases, as they allow researchers to test out possible treatments on humans. Clinical trials are used to test certain treatments and find out whether or not they have side effects, whether they are effective, what dosage they should be used at and whether or not they are a better alternative to the current treatments.

The aim of the trial is to find better methods of looking after patients with depression and keeping them healthy. The research can find answers to the current gaps in knowledge so that we can change the way that we treat diseases such as depression. The answers that can be found in these types of medical trials can help to treat patients who are suffering with depression in the future and might be key in saving lives and improving well-being.

consulting-doctorThere are many different clinical trials for depression taking part all over the country. Those who qualify for these depression clinical trials will receive medication, physical exams and lab tests at no cost and will sometimes even be compensated for their time.

If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial for depression you can look for research studies yourself by asking your doctor or searching online for a relevant study. When you are looking into which study to become involved in, don’t be afraid to ask the questions you need to – you should make sure that you know what you are getting yourself involved in. If you are getting involved in research it is important to know who is funding it and what kind of commitment you need to sign up for. You can visit MAC Clinical Research Trials for more information on these types of trials.

Choosing to sign up for a clinical trial is a personal decision and you should only sign up if you feel like it is the right choice for you. A research company can offer you financial compensation, but they should not put any pressure on you or try to coerce you to sign up. Also you should know that you are able to change your mind at any point during the right and withdraw your participation.

Take your time, do your research and make sure that you find the right trial for you and that the choice is right for what you need.