Easy Ways to better the PMS symptoms

Teenager/ Counsellor

Teenager/ CounsellorPMS or premenstrual symptoms is the range of various things that you experience just when the period is about to start. Starting from simple symptoms like cramping, pain and bloating to even an upset stomach and unexpected and frequent mood swings, PMS can mean many things to many women. While some women don’t get any symptom at all, others experience one or the other. There is nothing called a cure for PMS, but a few things can certainly make you feel better.

Change the diet

Bloating and extreme anxiety is often seen as a PMS symptom, and therefore, a few of the diet changes can go a long way. The first thing that you should avoid is caffeine, which is diuretic and can escalate the various issues related to mood swings. Secondly, stay away from the processed foods, especially those chips and fried foods, which are usually high on salt and is the reason behind bloating.

Stick to yoga and exercise

It has been observed that exercise and yoga can actually help in bringing down the symptoms of PMS, both at the mental and physical level. It’s obvious that you will not have your usual energy when you are in your periods, but make it a point to do some mind exercise with limited cheat days. Regular workouts will only ease the PMS symptoms in the coming months.

fitness-10Try a few herbal medicines

Usually, women who experience cramps and pain before periods use OTC pills for reducing the effects, but there are home remedies that can work, as well. Try more of the teas when you are on your hard days, and look for green tea coupled with ginger and lemon to bring down the anxiety levels. It is good to understand that herbal medicines are essentially worth checking when you are not keen on painkillers every time.

Rest more

As it is important to exercise, it is equally important to have ample rest. Stress is one of the many reasons behind most PMS symptoms related to the mind, and therefore, sleeping well and taking care of the resting time is important. Getting a massage or sleeping a couple of hours extra can be the right trick to keep those mood swings in control.


Reduce symptoms with birth control

Birth control pills are not meant to just stop pregnancy, but they also have a good effect on the overall monthly cycle. Since your body will not be ovulating with the pill, you will get periods on time. A little of breakthrough bleeding on the pill can be experienced, but overall, there will be lesser cramps and lighter periods, which is one of the many reasons why doctors prescribe birth pills to subside the period problems.

On the whole, there isn’t much you can do about PMS, except for a few changes in the diet and taking rest, while some women choose to stop periods permanently. Painkillers are good for once in a while for relief with pain and cramps, but do take caution and don’t overdose with medicines.