Gastric Banding Versus Liposuction


weight-loss-6Liposuction is a weight loss surgery that sucks a predetermined amount of fat directly from the body whereas gastric banding is a type of obesity surgery that tightens and band of silicone around the top most portion of the stomach to regulate food intake. These are two surgeries that are often confused for both being vanity surgeries. However, this is not the case for gastric bands. In fact, only a select number of people even quality for gastric binding whereas anyone can visit a plastic surgeon to have liposuction done. Gastric binding requires a genuine want to naturally lose the weight the patients need to be considered healthy weight. Patients have to have a certain BMI level before they can even be considered for this surgery.

weight21Liposuction directly sucks out fat whereas gastric banding regulates the amount of new fat generated, allowing for the old fat to be terminated naturally by the body’s natural functioning. These are both surgeries that are meant to allow people to lose weight; the only difference is that gastric band surgery allows people to lose weight in a natural and safer way rather than taking all fat out at once.

The two are not even in the same league of surgeries because one is for medical purposes and the other is mostly used for vanity. Though liposuction can be used for medical reasons, the vast majority of cases are not necessarily needed for standard bodily functioning of the patient.

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