Healthy Eating and Public Health Initiatives


eating-foodThere seems to be an exorbitant amount of them everywhere. On the shelves in the freezer section of the local Supermarket, they can be bought in large quantities or in the shops which state that all of their goods are low priced. They can even be found near the checkout in supermarkets, which tempt young people into wanting them and then their parent normally buys them to keep them happy…

Unhealthy food

Unhealthy food is determined by any food group which has abnormally high levels of particular damaging elements, which include saturated fats, salt and carbohydrates. By a person eating this type of food on a regular basis and not exercising enough to burn it off, these extra calories are then stored by the body as fat. The body needs fat in order for it to fully function, but with excessive levels of food can come untold problems. Obesity can happen as a result, along with Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack if heart disease should be allowed to develop.

Healthy eating and a healthy life

Leading a healthy life is perhaps one of the most important public health initiatives around, and this can be easily done as long as the person’s will power is strong. The body needs large amounts of fat in order for it to fully function. For women, this daily intake is 70g, but for men that number is 95g. Any diet which includes higher concentrates of this will result in the body storing it as fat. For both genders, the body requires 6g of salt in order for it to function, but ready meals normally contain over half of this daily amount. Excess intake of salt is not wise and can cause a number of health issues, and every effort should be made to eat as little ready meals as possible.

food-7By including five portions of fruit and vegetable in your diet each day, as recommended by the government through public health initiatives, you allow your body to receive the required nutrients that it needs to fully operate. Eating “super fruits” (such as blackberries) allows your body to have more nutrients than it would have if it was provided by only a chocolate bar. Incorporating fruit and vegetable as a side dish makes a welcome addition to your meal, as it not only gives you nutrition but also colour and flavour that processed meals do not always provide.

By making a few easy adjustments to your diet, you and your loved ones can be helped to lead a more fulfilling and longer life.

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