In What Instances are Gastric Bands Used?


rondGastric bands are an extreme form of weight loss that is reserved for individuals that have a BMI or body mass index over a certain number. Also known as lap bands, gastric bands use small, inflatable silicone bands to wrap around the top potion of the stomach which results in less food being processed at once. This allows for a longer time for the stomach to process fat-building foods which prevents that fat from being wasted and going into the contribution of weight gain. Though, these gastric bands are not just used for anyone that wants some weight loss surgery. Gastric bands must only be used on those that need them because of the high amount of dangerous risks that come along with their implementation.

To be eligible for gastric band use, patients must go under observation to make sure that they are adequate candidates. The first thing that is looked at is the body mass index of the person that needs one of these gastric bands. Anything lower than an absolute minimum of 35 will not be eligible for the gastric band surgery; this prevents those that only want the surgery for cosmetic purposes to be weeded out right from the start.
The next thing that is monitored is the psychological well being of the individuals. Doctors have to be sure that the patient actually wants to lose weight for their health before they will agree to do this weight loss surgery. If the person just wants it so that they are able to eat what they want when they want, doctors will stay away from these patients because that is the perfect recipe for a malpractice lawsuit. However, once these things are observed, the gastric band surgery may be performed on those that truly need it and truly want it for the right reasons.