Is Skin Cancer on The Rise?


skin peelSkin cancer is one of the most common forms of adult cancer. With a rising percentage of cases within the UK, measures are being taken to make sure that the general public knows the signs and how to spot potential skin cancer in its earlier stages.

People with freckles or light skin tones, those who burn easily, have red or blonde hair or a history of skin cancer within the family are most at risk of contracting it, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is immune from the disease. There are ways that you can put yourself at greater risk, for example spending too much time out in the sun without the proper sun protection.

Melanoma is one of the most common types, accounting for 75% of deaths caused by skin cancer.

Avoiding cancerous cells completely isn’t a possibility, but by keeping an eye on your moles, melanoma can be avoided or treated with mole removal and radiotherapy.

Next time you’re getting dressed or having a shower, check your body for any prominent moles that you might have. Ask a friend or partner to check you for any that you might not be able to see and keep a close eye on them over the years. If you start to notice one changing in any way then make sure to tell your doctor.

doc24Common changes in moles possibly caused by melanoma are:

  1. Irregular shaping
  2. Multi-coloured mole
  3. Darker patches that were previously light
  4. Size (growing bigger)
  5. Bleeding
  6. Flaking, uneven or firmer texture

If you’re concerned that you have a mole with any of these symptoms, then consult your doctor about it. Chances are, it’s nothing but it’s always best to double check.

If you do have any unwanted moles that you are concerned could one day become cancerous, then don’t wait around. Visit a Skin Surgery Clinic in Guiseley, for mole removal and have them quickly and safely taken care of.

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