What to Keep In Mind When Considering Genital Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery

With the amount of discussion in the media about cosmetic surgery in general and genital surgery in particular, it is clear that the world is talking about getting “work done” down below. It’s no longer a hush-hush affair and many women are open about their wish to go for procedures like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

Firstly, you need to understand the terminology. Vaginoplasty is surgically removing excess tissue lining, and also tightening the vaginal canal. This is done through surgical work on the tissue and muscles. Labiaplasty entails getting the labia minora (one of the two vaginal lips) reshaped. Sometimes, it also entails work on the labia majora or clitoral hood, which may be protruding, depending on the requirement

Women opt for vaginoplasty when they find that their sexual life is hindered, or made less pleasurable by a significantly looser vagina – which can be due to congenital conditions, childbirth, or ageing. Vaginoplasty queries, and subsequently the number of procedures are rapidly increasing in the country as more and more women are coming to know about this procedure.

There’s nothing “shameful” about it

A labiaplasty is often necessitated not due to cosmetic needs, but due to actual discomfort as women have difficulty in day-to-day life. Even wearing jeans, or running can be awkward. A vaginoplasty (or vagina tightening) will be appreciated by your husband, and it will also improve the quality of your sexual pleasure. Clearly, you’re not doing anything wrong!

No one will find out

Both procedures are incredibly intimate, and no one can find out. Even your sexual partners will not be able to tell from the look of it unless you inform them. With the high degree of patient-doctor confidentiality, no one apart from doctor needs to know.


More and more women are getting it done

Demand for bothis increasing. In numbers, a survey of women revealed that 20% of them wanted a “designer vagina”.  In the last 13 years, demand for labiaplasty has increased five-fold, and will only increase further.

It’s better to get it done locally than travel abroad for cheaper rates

Of course, high demand has made the procedure more common in the last few years, also reducing costs and enabling investment in safety measures. With Aussie surgeons increasingly specializing in the surgery, it makes sense to get it done locally, instead of looking for cheap operations via the Asian medical tourism circuit.

Do the math – the cost of air tickets, staying at a hotel/bed and breakfast and other expenses, along with the actual surgery will definitely make you consider getting it done in the country. Thailand and other surgery hubs use unhygienic procedures and shoddy practices. This has resulted in patients who have complained of side effects and poor results. They in turn have to resort to expensive corrective procedures.


Dr Tavakoli is one of the finest labiaplasty Sydney surgeons. He’s also an Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons member. According to Dr. Tavakoli, both sexual reasons and physical discomfort prompt women into getting genital surgery. He also believes in a rigorous pre-surgery screening process, to ensure that only women who are capable of independent decision making receive the procedure. The Tavakoli clinic screens medical history, and conducts pre-operation interviews before going further

There are very clear benefits

Women have reported high levels of satisfaction from the procedure. As the procedure gets more standardized, it is becoming increasingly efficient and safe. For example, Dr. Tavakoli has reported an exceedingly low complication rate in his surgeries. He is also a nose surgery Sydney specialist as can be seen at the webpage: http://www.drtavakoli.com.au/procedures-rhinoplasty