Liposuction for Men Gaining Popularity


weight-loss-3It is a well-known fact that women are held to high standards when it comes to body image, so measures like Botox and liposuction are not out of the norm. However, how often do you hear of a man getting liposuction? It happens more often than you might think. Liposuction was one of the top surgeries men had in the last year, and the top cosmetic surgery in men. Overall, men are the fastest growing cosmetic surgery patient group in the United States.

The percentage of men who go under the knife to enhance their appearance is climbing with every year that passes by. Various scientists and surgeons alike hotly debate the reason for this increase in demand. Some point to the aging baby boomers and their sagging bodies, saying that there is an increase in men who may find liposuction appealing, compared to previous years. Others say it is because of the job market and the competition that not only encompasses job skill, but also looks. Men need to look younger to stay competitive in certain job markets, hence why they are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction. Another argument points to the tighter enforcement of military weight limits, forcing servicemen and women to go to extremes such as liposuction to pass “tape tests” and other physical qualifications that have little to do with their fitness. Sometimes liposuction is just as simple as a midlife tune-up.

Liposuction is especially appealing compared to other cosmetic surgeries because it can usually be hidden underneath clothes without anyone noticing. This is a perk many men find appealing, as cosmetic surgery isn’t in most men’s definition of manly. Men are also attracted to liposuction because the recovery is only a few days, meaning you can get back to work fairly quickly.

One of the most attractive things about liposuction is its ability to target certain areas. Men can choose to get rid of that spare tire they have had for year, eliminate the double chin they despise, or get rid of that little extra arm flab.

If you are considering liposuction, remember that it doesn’t get rid of the fat forever. After the surgery you will need to adhere to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise to keep the weight off. Many patients of liposuction do neither of those things and end up right back where they started. Consult your local cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options and determine if liposuction is right for you.

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