Why You May Need Iodine Supplements


medicationIodine is one of the most overlooked of the essential minerals needed for health and well being. Iodine is essential for fetal development of the nervous system. However it is also needed for proper thyroid function to manage hormonal levels and metabolism.

Indications You May Need Iodine Supplement:

Iodine naturally occurs in a number of foods including fish, sea weed and some dairy products. However, even in the most health conscious of people, there may not be sufficient iodine in the diet, which would create a need for an iodine supplement. There are a number of indications which could potentially point to an iodine deficiency and highlight the need for supplementation. These include the symptoms of an inactive thyroid, which includes weight gain, hair loss, depression, fatigue and feeling cold.

How Can Iodine Supplements Help?

Iodine deficiency often results in an inactive thyroid. However, a supplement treatment allows the iodine balance to be restored and correct the reduced metabolism brought on by the deficiency. Ideally, these supplements should be from a plant based iodine source to ensure that they are natural and healthy. This ensures that the supplements are more in tune with the body, correcting the underlying issue gently and naturally. Excess amounts of non plant based iodine can be harmful to the human body and should be strongly avoided. Plant based sources are also ideal for those on restrictive diets such as vegans or vegetarians who wish to avoid animal derivatives. Generally, seaweed or kelp is one of the richest plant based sources of iodine.

medication-1It is easier to first analyze what happens in physical processes. One of the most interesting cases is the passage to gas or liquids. In the following simulation you can see what happens when solid iodine sublimes, creating a purple steam.

It is very important to the interpretation given the fact that the composition of the equilibrium mixture does not change. One possible explanation is that the reaction to stop, but what is proposed is still evaporating the solid, yet the vapor condenses, so that both processes are performed at the same speed, so that the amounts of iodine in the two states remain unchanged. That is, the dynamic balance is .

If you are concerned about your iodine consumption and would like to learn more about an iodine supplement, contact us. Our supplements use plant based iodine, making them a natural and healthy choice for all, even those on a restricted diet.