Nutritional Supplements that Can Change Your Life


safe-foodEvery person needs certain amount of nutrients in his daily diet. It is important to include nutritional supplements in your daily diet or separately using medicines. To be healthy you must protect your body by giving it all the required nutrients. So provide vitamins, minerals and proteins which meet the nutritional requirements of your body. You need to include them in proper proportions in the food you eat.

Fish oil: Fish-oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is the most popular non-protein or non-vitamin supplement. This is important for the protection against dangerous diseases like asthma, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Calcium: Calcium is the important mineral which helps in maintaining the strength teeth and bones. It is even important for muscle movement, communication through nerves and heartbeat. A normal person needs 1,000 to 1,200mg of calcium per day through his diet. You can even consume it through dietary supplements.

Flaxseed oil: It has antioxidants which are good for health for making you immune to cardiovascular problems and several cancers. Add it to your food while cooking to reap its benefits.

Glucosamine: This is the natural composite formed in your body. It is produced near cartilage between bone joints. The joint pains which are associated with osteoarthritis can be alleviated glucosamine supplements.

medication-1Multivitamins: These are essential vitamins for the body, and include all kinds of vitamin supplements. It is recommended to take a multivitamin pill at least once a day. These vitamins also include minerals. It is researched that most doctors and nurses suggest these medicines, as common health protection supplements.

Vitamin D: Some special vitamins are necessary for your body in your daily life. As they give you important nutrients for your body. Vitamin D is essential for your bones. Most people are suffering from back pain due to lack of this vitamin. An adult must have 600-800 units per day.

Vitamin C: For protective anti-oxidant and healthy immune function, it is suggested to take supplements containing vitamin C. Adults must have 75-95mg per day and a pregnant lady needs more than that.

B-Complex Vitamin: These are important for metabolism and energy production. This includes B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, foliate and biotin.

Honey: It is rich in sugar, but healthier. It is good to replace sugar with honey, in sweet dishes or deserts. Also, add honey in tea instead of mixing sugar.

Fresh Fruits: Instead of eating stuff outside, you can eat fruits in your evening break. As outside food is not at all good for your health, prefer salads which will be tastier and healthy. You can even prefer fruit juices made from oranges, grapes, pine apples or apples.

There are many other supplements which are good for your life. So, keep adding them to your diet. To be far from dreadful diseases and health problems, use them according to the required amounts.

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