Reasons to undergo Laser Surgery


eyelashesThere are several reasons to choose laser surgery for your eye. You may have problems with your eyes; problems which you are looking to fix and are looking out for treatments. Laser treatments are great exactly for a problem like this, which is fairly serious, but doesn’t require the patient needing weeks of care and attention while he/she rests on a bed. For most procedures, they get back to their daily schedules in three days. Here are a few reasons for laser surgery.

Not disruptive

Surgeries often come with an earned reputation of taking weeks out of your life for recovery. But this isn’t the case with laser surgery. Some procedures take a few minutes for each eye and have a very short recovery time. Lasik needs a slightly longer recovery period, but it almost never crosses a week.

Permanently toss those glasses away

Laser surgery can treat a lot of issues and can permanently cure eye problems. Short sighted and long sighted people can reshape their corneas so that the refractive error is corrected and the problem is no more. In particular, people with long sightedness need more curvature to their corneas while people with short sightedness need their corneas to be more flat, all possible with laser surgery, quickly, painlessly and almost with immediate results.

Treatment of diseases and conditions

If the eye is left untreated, a lot of problems can lead to blindness; laser surgery can nip that in the bud before it can lead you to permanent blindness. You can completely get rid of cataract using laser surgery – the cloudy, hardened lens is replaced by an artificial lens, thereby ensuring that cataract will never return. Another common condition that laser surgery can be used to successfully treat is Glaucoma. The drain canals in your eye are widened and all blockages are removed so that the fluid in your eye can flow smoothly and no build-up of pressure may lead to blindness.

They’re cheap

They’re not cheap on the price, but you’ll get more treatments for less. Someone getting treatment to get rid of cataract can also get rid of short sightedness if they have short sightedness or long sightedness if they have long sightedness in the same procedure. Talk it through with your doctor on your initial consultation and find out a procedure which best serves all your needs.

It is completely safe

You’ll be surprised to know that laser surgery has a near perfect safety record. There will be many check-ups after the treatment to make sure that the treatment has worked and the eye is healing nicely. You will also be given appropriate eye drops which act as an antiseptic and make sure no infections set in. The treatment is effective, safe and has very little scope for potential complications.

Laser treatment is painless and is mow cheaper than ever, and can treat more problems than ever before. Consult your doctor to find out what laser surgery can help you with. Also find out if insurance, like ehic cards, can cover the cost of the surgery itself.

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