Take the weight off your body and mind


Eye healthWhile some people can eat all they like and stay slim, others are not so lucky. We look at food and feel our waistline expand and think about options to stop this, from diets and joining exercise groups to even considering surgery (gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery or weight loss surgery). Thinking about our weight may decrease our happiness, leading to eating conditions, which further exacerbate the problem.

Causes of weight gain and loss

Genetics or ill health, love of food, poor appetite, lack of or excessive exercise or medication may play a role in weight gain and loss. Whatever the cause, the state of our physical health affects our mental health and we continually worry about our bodies, clothing, being accepted by others and lack of confidence. Our weight affects the choices we make in life and society and media influence our weight-decisions, through sense-perception experience, impacting upon our opportunities for relationships and employment. Obesity is a nationwide problem, for which helpful advice is available on www.gastricbands.co.uk.

Questioning our weight

We question others and ourselves about weight. Common questions are: Am I fat? Do I look fat? Does my bottom look big? Do my clothes make me look fat? Have I lost weight? How much weight have I lost? If I try “this”, will I lose weight?

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