The Health Benefits of Competing in a Triathlon


bike_travelWhile the closing ceremony of the London Olympics took place more than eighteen months ago, the impact of the Games continues to love long in the memory. The heroics of distance runner Mo Farrah remain particularly prominent in the mind, and the efforts of Great Britain’s successful team members has already begun to inspire the next generation of international athletes. Triathlon competition has emerged as being particularly popular since the Olympics, despite the fact that three disciplines involved challenge individuals and push them to their limits.

The Health Benefits of Triathlon Competition

Not only are triathlon athletes competitive, however, but they are also fortunate enough to live an extremely disciplined and healthy lifestyle. Consider the following health benefits of training for and competing in triathlons: –

1.        See the Effects of a Complete Body Workout

While some disciplines and training regimes work core muscle groups, those associated with the triathlon offer a far more comprehensive work-out. This is due to the variable nature of the three disciplines involved, as swimming, biking and running all focus on toning and strengthening entirely different parts of the body. The diversity of this work-out is enhanced by the fact that swimming and cycling are both categorised as non-weight-bearing sports, which means that they actively reduce the stress placed on the body without compromising on the quality of your exercise regime.

weight-loss972.          Lose Body Mass and Achieve your Optimum Weight

Due to the nature of the disciplines involved and the intensity of competition, triathlon training can help participants to lose body mass and achieve their optimum weight. Essentially, triathlon disciplines represent the very best in cardiovascular exercise, and ultimately help individuals to condition their body and develop excellent levels of stamina. So regardless of your weight or physical condition when you start, you can vary the nature and intensity of your work-out to achieve the optimum results over time. This means that the next time you visit your High Octane Sport outlet, you can invest in your triathlon attire safe in the knowledge that it will fit you perfectly.

3.       Boost Focus and Motivation

There is a proven link between physical and mental fitness, and triathlon training can play a pivotal role in improving your levels of focus, self-confidence and motivation. Having a clearly defined, competitive goal in mind will only enhance this, as you look to develop your craft and achieve the discipline that is required to succeed in the long-term. This can also have an extremely positive impact on other aspects of your life, especially as your look to maintain professional focus while also pursuing personal goals of love, friendship and interaction. At the very least, learning to manage the various aspects of triathlon training will empower you as someone who can multi-task and enjoy an enriched life experience.