Top 5 Ways to Fight Depression without Medicines


stress-6No matter how many anti-depressants you have, when you stop or quit on these medicines or pills, you tend to fall back into the pit you came out from. Depression is a phase where you feel like a useless individual who has no hopes to live. You tend to have this feeling of ‘missing’ out on something really important and that thing is nothing but happiness. There’s a constant attraction towards darkness and you bend towards negativity in life.

If you or your loved one is under depression and you want yourself or him to be out of the same, following are the top five ways to fight this problem without being dependent on medicines or pills:

  1. Meditate for at least 30 minutes in a dayMeditation is a process in which you get to meet yourself. There are thousands of different things that we do in our daily lives. We meet hundreds of different people in a day but when it comes to meeting ourselves, we don’t even have ten minutes for the same. However, if you are depressed and want to be out of this feeling, it is time for you to put a mat on the floor, sit with your legs folded, place your palms on your knees, close your eyes and relax as much as you can as you fall into a stage where you get to meet your soul and your inner-self.
  1. Meet your friends oftenEven if you have only a handful of friends, call them up, if they are too busy to call you. We are sure at least one of them would love to catch up with you on coffee. You can even go on a friendly date with the opposite gender to feel a bit better. Even if you consult a good psychotherapist, he would suggest you the same.


  1. Make a hobbyDepressed are those who do not have a hobby and hence if you wish to fight depression without the consumption of pills, welcome new hobbies. Get a guitar and join a good class to enjoy creating new music.
  1. Consult a Reiki masterReiki is a spiritual healing process and the masters know how to help people who are depressed. Therefore, consult a good Reiki master to have your mind relaxed and have all of your emotional wounds healed.
  1. Find ways to motivate yourselfSome people go under depression due to their weights whereas there are others who are depressed of being jobless. The best motivation is self-motivation and hence you must find different ways to motivate yourself to lose weight or do something that can be done on your own, even if you don’t have a job. For an instance, if you are an artist, make your creations and be involved in things that you love to do.

About the author:

Cynthia Rose fought depression with the help of depression therapy that she was recommended by a friend. When she turned into a writer five years ago, the first blog that she wrote was on depression and the ways to conquer the same.