What are the basics about medical negligence claims?


lawyerAs a society, we have become more conscious of the many diseases and infections out there than can effect us or the ones we love.  There are many more treatments and much more research being done by scientists to determine how to best address these issues.  There are more prescription medications on the market than you can possibly count, with multiple medications being prescribed for the same issue.  Unfortunately, that also means that you might be at risk of suffering from a problem with your medication or device given to you by your doctor.  For that reason, many people turn to filing medical negligence claims by MedicalNegligenceAssist.co.uk .

What types of medical negligence claims are out there? 

Surgical mishaps

There are things that can go wrong naturally during a surgery, but there are also steps that are taken to avoid these types of accidents happening.  If there is proof that the doctor actually neglected to follow these steps before operating, you will have a case that he did not act in the best interest of the patient.

InsuransePrescription issues

This is one of the biggest arenas for multiple medical negligence claims.  Oftentimes, if the prescription has problems with one particular patient, it is likely that others may happen to have the same problem or reaction from the medication.  For this reason, some companies focus in doing lawsuits that represent multiple people, because many times this will force the company to offer more of a settlement than they would if it were only one person.

Patient Record Problems

Sometimes patient records are not kept confidential, which can be a problem if the records get into the wrong hands.  Handling of records is part of a doctor’s job, so not doing so is a malpractice.

How would I go about filing a medical negligence claim?

You may be contacted

In some cases, if you are on file as having taken a particular medication or used a particular product that is known to be causing problems among others, there may be a lawyer’s representative that will call you to inquire about whether you would like to be part of the claim or not.  This is the easiest way to get on board because you don’t really have to do any work other than put your name on the claim.


Do internet research to see if there are others who have had a similar problem

If you are having problems with a specific medication, medical device, or physician, you can look online for reviews to find out if other people are having the same kinds of problems that you are.

Check with your doctor to see if there are any claims currently pending

The first person you should always discuss any problems with is your doctor.  If it’s just a mild side effect, it is easy to just change the medication and move on.  But at what point do you just move on and at what point do you decide to take it to the next level?

Talk with a lawyer about possibilities

Going to a lawyer and talking about your legal rights and what the actual process would be like to file a negligence claim will give you a better idea of what you have in store.  They also may know of any other class action suits that are going on that pertain to your specific issue.

Your health is no joke.  We constantly put ourselves into the hands of others to depend solely on them for our physical well being.  If that decision gives us a bad outcome, then there is the decision to be made.  If you find yourself in this situation, take the time to read more about how you can get help at  www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk.