Why do most diets fail and what can be done to keep them going?


eating-foodAnyone who has searched for a diet online will be aware of the millions of options and plans, all claiming to help you lose huge amounts of weight in a very short space of time. The truth about dieting is that it works for some but not for others and most people who do lose weight put it back on again because the diet they are following is not sustainable.

Fad diets

Diets come in and out of fashion like pieces of clothing and it is impossible to keep up with the latest dieting trends. Fad diets are also criticised by nutritionists and health experts because many of them encourage unhealthy attitudes to food. Many diets cut out entire food groups, which prevents the body from receiving the nutrients it needs. Ironically, depriving people of certain foods often causes them to crave that food as well, which can lead to bingeing.

Diets are often seen as a short-term measure to lose weight and this is why most people put on weight as soon as they return to their normal diet. Losing weight successful requires a change of attitude and lifestyle habits and this is why nutritionists recommend adopting a healthy, balanced diet, rather than a specially formulated eating plan, which contains weird and wonderful meal options. Some people assume that diets will never work for them and start to think about options such as weight loss surgery, including weight loss surgery or gastric bypass surgery; however, this should be a last resort as these treatments are invasive and carry risks.

food-7A healthy diet

A healthy diet should include foods from all the major food groups and proper meals, which contain a range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Sticking to a healthy eating plan will help you to shed weight steadily and reduce the risk of you putting the weight back on. If you then combine healthy eating with exercise, the results will be even better and you will boost your general health at the same time as losing weight. More information on ways to lose weight through surgery are provided on www.gastricbands.co.uk.

Dieting tips

Dieting requires lots of willpower, so try to avoid temptations by removing unhealthy foods from your kitchen cupboards and trying out a range of different healthy foods. Many people assume that healthy recipes are boring but this need not be the case. It is important to be realistic about your weight loss goals, as it is rare for weight to drop off quickly. If you do lose weight, reward yourself and don’t forbid any foods, as this will make you crave them even more. So if you do want a treat, have one, but make sure you eat sweet and fatty foods in moderation.

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