Women Are Feeling Stressed More Than Men, and Here Are Some Important Reasons Why


stress-6It has been shown that a woman is more likely to feel stress than a man, and a single woman is more likely than a woman in a relationship to feel it even more. It is very possible that, even though you are suffering the symptoms, you do not know the cause of your stress; so what are the main causes of this stress. Here are the main culprits, and if you recognize what they are, perhaps you will find dealing with them a bit easier


Women worry more about money than men, and feel that if there is a lack of it, then there is no way for them to cope. This can build up gradually over time, or it could be caused by the loss of a job or even an economic crisis. This is a real worry for many women, especially those who have already built up a home life that they love. Holding on to a dream can be a difficult thing with no money, and women who feel that dream slipping away will become more and more stressed


Men may worry more than women about their jobs, and overall women are happier in work now than ever, but women still feel stress at work. Discrimination in the workplace is still a problem for women, and many still worry that they are not doing enough to be promoted before their male counterparts. This can lead to working longer hours and becoming run down, which will only increase the stress they already feel. For working mums a job can cause time related stress, and lead to women feeling they have no time to themselves or to spend with their families. For these women learning time management and how to relax is the key.


Yearning for a Child

Families can be a worry for so many reasons, and for many women boils down to not having one. Not having a family could be because of work commitments, a life that is too full at the moment, or even infertility. Funnily enough, the availability of egg donations and fertility procedures can alleviate something that is a stress caused by a physical problem; whereas, finding a suitable partner or reorganizing a life that is too full of work, college, or other family commitments, is much more difficult to achieve and relieve your stress


Even in what we consider an enlightened age, women still stress out about their looks. The need to impress others and to be accepted is a huge driving force in all human beings, but the stress it causes women is far greater than it does men. It cannot be denied that men are also now affected by this; and we cannot say it is only society that is causing the stress. Too many women cause their own stress over their looks, and learning to accept who you are is incredibly difficult for many women. Once you have accepted who you are, you can still look for a better you, but the stress will have disappeared.

These are not the only stresses women feel, and some women may find the stress of wanting a child, for instance, to be alien to them. And here lies the problem; nobody knows what is going to cause your stress. Before being able to cope with your stress, you need to identify it. Once you have, you can start to overcome it.